A Sad Story

Sad day here, two dead lambs in the pen today. Sun the mother ewe had them cleaned off but they did not make it. So hard to see the ewe suffering the loss of her expected lambs and one of our gentlest and friendliest ewes at that. Grandmolly had a few tears in sympathy.

On a commercial farm Sun would be culled but we are a family farm and our animals are part of the family. This ewe gave us two very nice lambs last spring and deserves a second chance. After all we were not present with her when she needed us which may have made a difference.

We washed her up, milked out some of her colostrum and fed her some warm water with molasses and baking soda to keep her from shock. Her good friend Bell was in the lambing  pen with her to keep her company through the whole event. Now they are both back in the flock enjoying the last of the seasons grass until winter comes. She seems to be doing fine, we are feeling a little closer to her as a result.