A Brief Narrative

Last night as I was praying the Lord gave me a terrifying glimpse of the future facing some I know who are not resting their souls in a relationship with the Lord Jesus. I felt shame that I have not been more forthright in sharing with others the Gospel truths about eternal life I have come to understand. It is impossible to read the scriptures, especially the words of Jesus and not be aware of the uncomfortable reality about the choices we all have to make about one’s afterlife.

Eternity is forever and this life is very short, something you realize more as you get older and nearer the end. In this life we have been given the opportunity to workout the hope of an eternal life consisting of peace, joy and security or blunder into an eternity which may result in a life of suffering and sorrow or worse.

The terror that I felt is something I doubt I will easily forget. I am thankful for this revelation and am hoping my testimony here will stir those to consider the claims of Christ in the scriptures and respond by surrendering to His authority. I known from scripture and personal experience that He calls us to Himself. And I know He does this because of His great love for us. Perhaps today it’s your turn and He is calling you? The scripture says ” today, if you hear His voice do not turn away”. Please think about it, it is very important.

Rod Hewitt