Feeds, seeds and other needs

Sometimes when I feel a need for some sociability or just plain want to get away from the farm for a while I go to the feed store. Of course I usually am looking to buy something also like salt or beet pulp or dog food which is why I went this morning. Saturday morning at the our local feed store is a busy time with lots of people on similar errands.

The store is housed in a old, very high and large red barn. The upper part likely encloses bulk storage bins now unused because all the feed is shipped pre-bagged to the store. These bags are stored in the feed storage area on the lowest floor which is a half story above the driveway allowing for loading at a loading dock in the back. In this area are kinds of feed in bags neatly stacked in orderly piles on the well worn wooden floor. Hanging on the walls are an assortment of hand tools like barn brooms, pitch forks and other useful farm hand tools. High up on one wall is an enclosed galvanized conveyor which hearkens back to the day when bulk feed deliveries were still available from the store. Along the west side is a railroad track siding and often a railroad car is parked against the building with the doors open into the feed room functioning as a temporary barn addition with bags of feed and other products inside. More than once I have gone into the car and picked up my feed order.

Today as happens many times, I met a friend on the platform and we passed some time in talking. Chuck is a retired building contractor who buys, trains and sells riding and cutting horses. Today he was telling me about a new mare he was working with and training to pull a wagon for his own use and enjoyment. I also met one of my customers from our local farmers market.

At the counter was the normal Saturday mornings free munchies, donuts, cheese and crackers and today grapes. Also a tray of dog treat samples and of course the tiger cat sleeping or walking the counter top rubbing on whoever will make themselves available. And as always waiting on the floor is the store border collie ready to chase anything you might like to toss for her.

It’s a pleasant family run place to go to where you have the privilege of dealing with the owners and operators of this old and charming business. Aptly named Community Feed store its a place of gathering, talking about the weather and picking up farm supplies.

Not being a person who like to shop I must admit I always enjoy going to feed store.